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Nakshatra Ingress List for Lunar Month Beginning Jan 11, 2013

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Below is a Sidereal Ephemeris for sign & nakshatra ingresses for the Lunar Month begining today January 11, 2013 and continuning on until the next New Moon on February 10th. If you find this helpful please feel free to comment or share. Please excuse the columns not coming out perfect. They did on a word document I created them from, but I can't seem to get them perfect here in this blog text box. If you would like a printable pdf of this where everything aligns correctly, please contact me through my website and I will send it to you.

Sidereal Lahiri Ingress Ephemeris for:
Lunation Cycle Jan 11, 2013 – Feb 10, 2013
Created by Julene Packer-Louis using Sirius Software’s AstroClock with Nakshatra Wheel

New Moon:  Jan 11, 2003 at 2:44 PM EST            
Nakshatra: Uttra Ashada      Sidereal Sign: Sagittarius

Pluto remains in the Sign of Sagittarius & Nakshatra of Purva Ashada
Neptune remains in the Sign of Aquarius & Nakshatra of Shatabishak
Uranus remains in the Sign of Pisces & Nakshatra of Uttra Bhadrapada
Chiron remains in the Sign of Aquarius & Nakshatra Shatabishak
Saturn remains in the Sign of Libra & Nakshatra of Swati for the entire lunar month
Jupiter remains in the Sign of Taurus & Nakshatra of Rohini for the entire lunar month
Rahu & Ketu move from the Signs of Scorpio/Taurus to Libra/Aries but
Rahu remains in Vishika & Ketu remains in Krittika for the entire lunar month

                Planets That Change Signs & Nakshatras During This Lunar Month
Mars begins in the Sign of Capricorn & Nakshatra of Shravana
Venus begins in the Sign of Sagittarius & Nakshatra of Mula
Mercury begins in the Sign of Sagittarius & Nakshatra of Purva Ashada
Sun & Moon begin in the Sign of Sagittarius & Nakshatra of Uttra Ashada

Date      EST Time   Planet            Sign Ingress      Nakshatra Ingress
1/11       2:44 PM     NEW MOON      (in Sagittarius & Uttra Ashada)
  6:24 PM        Moon              Capricorn
1/12       10:35 AM      Moon                                          Shravana
1/13       8:32 AM        Moon                                          Dhanishta
  11:18 AM      Mercury                                      Uttra Ashada
  7:42 PM        Moon               Aquarius
  8:18 PM        Sun                  Capricorn
1/14       7:02 AM       Moon                                            Shatabishak
  8:20 PM        Venus                                           Purva Ashada
  8:54 AM       Rahu/Ketu        Libra/Taurus
1/15       6:15 AM       Moon                                             Purva Bhadrapada
             12:11 PM      Mercury            Capricorn
1/16       12:11 AM     Moon                 Pisces
  6:17 AM       Moon                                            Uttra Bhadrapada
  9:23 PM        Mars                                            Dhanishta
1/17       7:10 AM       Moon                                            Revati
1/18       8:53 AM       Moon                 Aries                   Ashwini
1/19       11:17 AM     Moon                                             Bharani
1/20       2:11 PM        Moon                                            Krittika
             8:56 PM        Moon                Taurus
1/21       11:52 AM     Mercury                                         Shravana
             5:19 PM        Moon                                             Rohini
1/22       8:28 PM        Moon                                            Mrigashira
1/23       9:59 AM       Moon                Gemini
  4:07 PM       Sun                                                Shravana
             11:26 PM      Moon                                             Ardra
1/24       No sign or Nakshatra changes
1/25       2:03 AM       Moon                                             Punarvasu
             7:48 AM       Mars                 Aquarius
 11:42 AM      Venus                                            Uttra Ashada
1/26       4:14 AM       Moon                                             Pushya
1/27       5:59 AM       Moon                                             Ashlesha
1/28       3:32 AM       Venus              Capricorn
  7:17 AM       Moon               Leo                         Magha
1/29       4:55 AM       Mercury                                          Dhanishta
             8:11 AM       Moon                                              Purva Phalguni
1/30       8:42 AM       Moon                                              Uttra Phalguni  
             2:47 PM        Moon              Virgo
1/31       8:53 AM       Moon                                              Hasta    
2/01       8:45 AM       Moon                                              Chitra
             8:33 PM        Moon              Libra
             11:52 PM      Mercury         Aquarius
2/02       8:16 AM       Moon                                               Swati
  6:16 PM        Mars                                               Shatabishak
2/03       7:27 AM       Moon                                               Vishika
2/04       12:37 AM     Moon             Scorpio
  6:18 AM       Moon                                               Anuradha
2/05       3:08 AM       Venus                                              Shravana
             4:49 AM       Moon                                                Jyestha
             7:19 PM        Sun                                                  Dhanishta
             7:45 PM        Mercury                                           Shatabishak
2/06       3 :03 AM      Moon            Sagittarius                    Mula
2/07       1:05 AM       Moon                                               Purva Ashada
            11:00 PM       Moon                                               Uttra Ashada    
2/08       4:28 AM       Moon            Capricorn
  8:56 PM        Moon                                              Shravana
2/09       7:04 PM        Moon                                              Dhanishta
2/10       2:20 AM   NEW MOON   (in Capricorn  &  Dhanishta)
              6:15 AM      Moon             Aquarius
  5:31 PM       Moon                                               Shatabishak

New Moon: Feb 10, 2013 at 2:20 AM EST            
Nakshatra: Dhanishta            Sidereal Sign: Capricorn

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